Starting My Blog Over

I’m behind the curve on internet trends anyway, but that’s not the point. My myspace blog was flourishing. I had a group of people who I read, and who read me. Everything was cool.

And then someone, and I’m not mentioning names Sarah, linked my blog to one of my clients at work. And it was deemed inappropriate. And the vernacular of today’s generation that is considered mainstream and hip everywhere other than work was considered offensive to my colleagues.

Clever...So I took it down. And now I have to start over… and listen to people go, “WordPress? Is that the site that makes coffee mugs with those wonderfully clever sayings on them?” And I’ll have to remind them that no, that’s Cafe Press, not the same thing. And now I’ll have to get all psyched for like ten readers in a week.

If my blog had a GM, he’d hold a press conference and say that this is a rebuilding year.

Sarah, thanks again for linking that blog to the client. That was awesome. My favorite part was where I almost got fired.

-Earl the Butcher


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