Political Expert, Bradley Whitford

In general, I’m not thrilled with celebrities with political agendas.  They’re pretentious and incredible.

But no one in this country is less qualified to voice their opinion then Bradley Whitford… and yet few voice it louder.

How is this douche bag now the unified voice of US public affairs? I know he thinks Bradley Whitford as Josh Lymanhe’s an authority on politics because he was Deputy White House Chief of Staff…oh, wait, that was on the West Wing, not in real life.  By that rationale, Bill Cosby could deliver a baby too.

Now he’s on Larry King Live with that smug-ass “I come from money” look on his face, discussing the war in Iraq? Dude, you were in Robocop 3. Dennis Miller bombed on Monday Night Football because fans wanted their football information from people who actually played football.  And that’s a dumb sport with a ball.  We’re talking about our US government.

I see him on Real Time With Bill Maher sitting in the “entertainer spot.”  That’s fine for a Robert Klein or whatever other comedian HBO is pimping out at the time.  They sit there with a blank look on their face for most of the show and occasionally wake up long enough to interject a witty quip. They know they have no real business there because that’s not their arena.  But not him.  He’s all, “I was in Revenge of the Nerds II.  I deserve to sit at the grown-up’s table.”

The cake is his little youtube videos where he accuses republicans of stealing the White House. At first it looks like a spoof.  And you’re like, that guy from Billy Madison… he’s so crazy!  Don\'t Tase Me BroThen you suddenly realize, wait, this guy in the blazer-and-no-tie-ensemble seriously has a conspiracy theory?  And he made a video about it?  And posted it to youtube?  What a freak!  When he stares into the camera and says “I’m Bradley Whitford,” like anybody gives a shit, I seriously want to tase myself in the balls to relieve the pain.

Look, I’m sure he knows what he’s talking about… I certainly don’t know enough about politics to prove him wrong.  But as I investigate during the year leading up to the elections, I’ll form my opinions based on facts from reputable news outlets, and not from supporting actors in b-movies who have simply bought into their own bullshit.

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