The Kimmy Gibbler Experience


I’ll admit it: I drank the Kool-Aid.  I thought that, as the lights went down one final time on the set of Full House, they were simultaneously rising on the career of Andrea Barber.

I was sure we had found Julia Robert’s successor as America’s Sweetheart.  Seriously, if Kimmy Gibler went public, I’d have been a majority shareholder. But then, she just fell off the country’s radar.  We had forgotten about the Next Big Thing.

So, fourteen years after Full House, I went digging on the internets to see what ever became of Andrea Barber.

First Stop: Andrea’s page on Noteworthy Credits: All of them, bitches.  I already told you she was supposed to be America’s Sweetheart.  Specifically though, Full House, and hmm, what’s this?  A little film called   Skateboard Kid 2 (go straight to 1:14 for the good stuff).

Next Stop:  Skateboard Kid 2 page on IMDB.  “12 year old Sammy takes to the skies with the help of a magical flying skateboard.”  Sure, I’ll click here to read more…

Next Stop:  Guess what just moved to the top of my queue?  See above.

Next Stop:  Woah, the second result is the “unofficial Andrea Barber Homepage!”  It’s unofficial?  Where’s the official  Who’s got that sweet piece of e-real estate?   Surprisingly, there is no official one.  One of the major oversights on the world wide web.

fullhouse_andrea-barber11Next Stop: Urban  Searching Kimmy Gibbler,  hold please.  And the results come up: “When you refuse to leave after you have a one night stand, even when they ask you nicely.” Oh, man, that ain’t right.  You show America’s Sweetheart some respect.

And then I kind of hit a dead end.  Some lame members.tripod fan pages, but nothing on scale with what you would expect from the Tanner’s next-door-neighbor…

Found her on Facebook; became a fan (all over again).  Found her on Twitter, started following her.

But it’s all a cheap substitute for the Andrea Barber Experience that never was.

One thought on “The Kimmy Gibbler Experience

  1. Thanks to you, I just spent a good 20 minutes looking for Kimmy Gibler. Found her on twitter and facebook, but even my adept stalking skills are being met with a challenge. You’ve reignited a crush I had gotten over 20 years ago. You may have cost me my relationship you know. If Jenn kicks me out, I’m crashing at your place until I get back on my feet or enough dough to get to LA to find my first sassy love.


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